Fake it Fast with St. Tropez Express

Anybody who knows me knows that false tan is my go to beauty product. And after trying almost all makes on the UK market, my favourite tanning brand of all time has to be St.Tropez.


St. Tropez is renowned as being the world’s number one premium tanning brand chosen by professionals, in fact one bottle of this liquid gold is sold every 15 seconds.

St. Tropez is so distinguished that they are not afraid to shy away from innovation. And one of their cutting-edge inventions I could not wait to get my mitted hands on is the St. Tropez self tan express, which promises a golden tan in just 1 to 3 hours.


Firstly, what a brilliant idea for a product as, let’s face it, who has time to wait for false tan to develop overnight anymore. Secondly, what a brilliant product full stop! The foam formula glided onto my skin leaving me with a streak free base tan that dried almost instantly (no irritating sticky tan here). Then after leaving the tan on for 3 hours (the longest time recommended) I washed it off and was left with a natural golden glow that I was more than happy with. However, to my surprise the false tan seemed to further develop a few hours after I had showered leaving me with a more intense yet natural colour which I loved even more. This tan is also extremely durable, long-lasting and un-patchy which is a tick tick tick in my book.


Well after trying this express tanning foam I didn’t think the product could get any better, but the lovely people at Cussons Beauty (the parent company of St. Tropez) sent me a sample of the brand new St. Tropez Express sheet mask. Sheet masks are everywhere at the minute and claim to be more hydrating than regular liquid face masks, so applying a tanning element to such a product is just another example of how ground-breaking St. Tropez can be. Just like the foam product, the St, Tropez sheet mask tans your face in an express time, 5-15 minutes to be exact. As I usually don’t tan my face and only wanted a light glow I left the mask on for 5 minutes. Straight after applying the mask felt instantly soothing and moisturising and it had a delicious smell. After removing the mask I simply massaged the excess product into my face and neck and washed my hands to prevent any stains. I have to say St. Tropez have topped themselves again. I loved the outcome of this product and the colour blended seamlessly with the rest of my skin.


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