How to Make an Effortless Black Swan Halloween Costume

With Halloween just around the corner click here for a quick and easy step by step guide on how to make a homemade Black Swan inspired costume.

Although Halloween is now only two weeks away, I got way too excited this year and started prepping for this year’s costume about a month ago. After recently watching the movie Black Swan I decided that would be a perfectly dramatic Halloween look, and who doesn’t like to make a statement on Halloween. So here’s my quick and easy instructions to copy this spooky look.

What you’ll need


A basic black skater dress

4 meters of black tulle

Some sort of material to make the tutu’s waistband (lace or ribbon works best)

2 medium black feathers

A black feather boa

A silver tiara

Silver craft jewels

Glue gun.

How to make the Tutu

Originally I was going to use my sewing machine to make the tutu, but then I came across this amazing no-sew tutorial Essentially, all you need is some sort of material with holes in to make the waistband, I used lace hemming, and you need to cut all of your tulle into thin long strips, this doesn’t need to be neat, in fact the more rugged the more theatrical the outcome. Then you simply place a folded tulle strip through the holes and tie into a knot. Carry this on with all your strips to make a volumous black tutu. Although I cut my strips roughly the same size you could experiment with different sizes to make your tutu more dramatic.


Then to decorate the tutu to make it more decedent all you need is feathers and gems. Both of these are readily available in craft stores, but I do like a bit of upcycling so I used the feathers from a £1 feather boa and gems from an old pair of broken sandals to decorate my outfit. Simply hot glue the feather and gems onto the tutu with a glue gun. I decided to glue the loose feathers to the top of the tutu and the gems to the lengths and ends.


How to make the head piece


Now onto the easy yet elegant tiara. In the original 2010 film Natalie Portman wears a black tiara, however I bought a silver one as it stands out more and also matches the silver gems on the tutu. Also I managed to get the tiara for the bargain price of £2 in Primark, although you can get them from many other places. Then to make the tiara more black swan inspired I simply hot glued some medium sized ostrich feathers to it.


I am so happy with the overall outcome of my outfit, and cannot wait to wear such an original piece on Monday the 31st October.


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