My Time Filming with the BBC


Recently, I was honoured to be asked to assist on the production of a BBC Wales documentary on online dating, after my dissertation was read by a director at the company. Read about my experience here

After writing my dissertation on a topic I was interested in, how online dating impacts young adults today, I didn’t anticipate that it would be read by professionals that were also intrigued by the topic. However, a few months after I’d handed in my dissertation and after graduating from university I was pleasantly surprised to be contacted by a director from the BBC who had got wind of my work and was interested in finding out more for a documentary she was producing exploring how young Welsh people are using online dating more frequently.


To start with I offered my advice, knowledge, and findings from my work to aid with the accuracy of the documentary. Then, I was asked to become a researcher for the documentary which involved finding interesting and relevant people who could be interviewed on the programme. Therefore, I spent my spare time interviewing potential contributors for the show and sending their details to the director to see if they would be suitable for the programme.


I was lucky enough to have discovered a young Welsh couple who, after meeting on Tinder, now have a child and are married, in fact their wedding was filmed on national TV for Don’t Tell the Bride, and a young woman who, after being body shamed on a Tinder date, has now started a global body confidence campaign that has been recognised by Hollywood celebrities like Zoey Deschanel. I thoroughly enjoyed speaking to and seeking out these interesting and diverse individuals who have now both been interviewed on set ready for the documentary.


In fact I was also asked to come along on the shoot as a production assistant. I spent the day helping out the director from the BBC and the crew members and camera men from SSP Media as they interviewed the young couple. It was a long days work for a small part of the documentary but it was so interesting to meet such a nice couple and to be part of a BBC production. On this shoot I definitely learned how much time and dedication is put into documentaries today.


I was honoured to have been asked to lend a helping hand on this BBC production over the last couple of months and I cannot wait to see the finished product this coming December on BBC Wales. All I can say is watch this space!


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