My High Street Foundation Hit List


Anyone who knows me knows I am obsessed with make up, and I would argue that foundation, as the name implies, provides an important structure to the rest of your make up look. But with thousands of brands, colours and formulas available on the high street alone it can be tricky to choose the right building block for your skin. Here’s where I will try and lend a help in hand, by reviewing five bargain beauty foundation buys all from the British drugstore.

5. Revlon Photo Ready Foundation


PRICE: £12.99

SIZE: 30ml

FEATURES: Photochromatic pigments bend, reflect and diffuse light to erase every flaw, SPF 20, and oil/ fragrance free.

This is a high coverage foundation which definitely covered my red areas and blemishes. However, the formula is thick and sticky and needed time to soak into my skin before applying a finishing powder as I always do. Also, although I would recommend trying a tester before buying a foundation, I found that this product, in shade 005 natural beige, was a lot darker than other beige foundations I had tried. Therefore, for these reasons I would rate it my least favourite of the five foundations in this review.

4. Rimmel Lasting Finish Nude 25hour Foundation


 PRICE: £7.99

SIZE: 30ml

FEATURES: Contains a moisturising serum gel, SPF 20, and vitamin E for a healthier, durable and more natural look.

This foundation is perfect for those looking for a high coverage look. Although it does seem that with high coverage comes a sticky and thick formula, which is unfortunately the case with this foundation too. However, after a minute or two of letting the foundation set the rest of my makeup glided on perfectly and smoothly, blotch free. However, this foundation unfortunately doesn’t live up to its claim of lasting 24 hours, as after glancing in the mirror after a 6 hour shift I noticed the foundation beginning to slip. That being said I think this foundation would be perfect for a glamorously flawless night out look but unfortunately wouldn’t last you for a hard day at work.

3. Revlon Color Stay Foundation


PRICE: £12.99

SIZE: 30ml

FEATURES: oil-free formula, SPF 6, and there is 12 natural shades in the range.

This foundation is definitely better than the other Revlon product on this list. It provides a more natural finish and the colours are more true to description. However, as with the other product this foundation is also thick and needs some drying time for my finishing powder to be applied streak free. Also it doesn’t come with a pump which makes applying this foundation a little messy. That being said this foundation is very durable and provides a high coverage flawless coverage.

 2. B. Youthful Anti-Ageing Foundation


PRICE: £9.99

SIZE: 29ml

FEATURES: Contains tetrapeptide to reduce wrinkles, hydrates the skin with hyaluronic acid, SPF 15, vegan and cruelty free product.

With B. being the newest and smallest brand on this list, I was surprisingly thrilled with the outcome of this product. The foundation provides a medium coverage, which is perfect for me, and is smooth and soft on the skin. The only criticism I have of this foundation is that it needed a good shake when I received it as it originally come out watery, however it has been fine ever since. I would recommend this product for every-day use as it provides a natural finish that lasts for hours upon end.

1.Max Factor Face Finity All Day Flawless 3 in 1 Foundation 


PRICE: £12.99

SIZE: 30ml

FEATURES: Flexi hold technology to minimise patches, micro-correctors to protect against sweat and the weather, and SPF 20.

This foundation provides the perfect base for my makeup routine. The foundation is smooth, bendable and provides a decent amount of coverage, although if you have more problem skin you may want more coverage. Also, this foundation sinks into the skin straight away so you can apply the rest of your makeup without it going patchy or blotchy. Although this is one of the more expensive foundations in this list I would say it is definitely worth the money, after all it is a three in one formula combining the benefits on a primer, foundation and concealer in one product. Overall, this product seems to be flawless and is by far my favourite in this list of 5.



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