Here Are Our Finished Inroads Videos.

Recently, I blogged about filming at the Cardiff based rehabilitation centre Inroads, we have now completed the videos and would love for you to check them out!


Over the last couple of weeks some of my university friends and I have been editing the extensive amount of videos we filmed at Inroads to produce some promotional videos for them to help with their social media presence.

After sitting down as a group, we decided we would produce a long promotional video, a short promotional video, two videos about drug paraphernalia and one video about the John Lewis partnership scheme that has vastly helped Inroads.


The first long promotional video features Mags, who runs the organisation, speaking about Inroads and how far it has come from 20 years ago. An interview with Mags provides the main structure of this video but we have also included many cut away shots of the building and the classes they run to make the video aesthetically pleasing. We also included music to make the video more compelling.

Check out the video here;


The second, shorter video features a voice over from Sian Davies, describing Inroads and the facilities it has to offer drug and alcohol users. Again, in this video we included many visually pleasing shots of the centre, its volunteers and its facilities. We also included Inroad’s contact details at the end to help promote the organisation.

Check out the video here;


We then created two videos about Steve’s large collection of drug paraphernalia at the centre. We separated the content into two videos, one talking about drug-related books, and the other about general drug-related bits and pieces. We used interviews with Steve as the main structures of the videos, and included cut away shots to the items he was talking about, which also cleverly disguise any edits in the original recordings.

Check out both the videos here;


The final video was made more for John Lewis, but could also be used on Inroad’s social media. John Lewis asked us to create them a video showing off how their Community Service Scheme can help the Cardiff community. I wrote and recorded the voice over for this piece, describing how John Lewis has helped Inroads by donating sewing machines and home furnishings. This video also includes many shots of the John Lewis building and an interview with Helen Jones, who is the community liaison officer at the Cardiff branch of John Lewis.

Check out the video here;

After completing the five videos, we popped down to the Inroads centre to present our work to Mags, Steve and the team. They were thrilled with our work and told us that they were “so grateful for our dedication and hard-work”. As previously mentioned, we began working with the organisation to aid our university degree, but I can honestly say working with Inroads has been far more personal and rewarding than just getting grades, and there is no doubt that we will have a connection with them for many years to come.


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