I Now Know the Meaning Behind Being a ‘Runner’

Last June I was a production runner on the set of an advertisement for Wordley Productions, here is how I got on.


After completing my second year of university I sought out some work experience, as I know this is invaluable to anyone looking for a career in the media. I was lucky enough to be offered a place as a production runner with Wordley Productions who were producing an advertisement for Child Care, a child minding company.

The advert was being filmed in the old library building on the Hayes in Cardiff, so it wasn’t far for me to travel for the two 6am starts. When I arrived on the first day I was quickly introduced to the friendly team and was then put straight to work.

I have to say, after working on the shoot for only two days I realised the meaning behind the job title ‘runner’, as for the majority of the job I was extremely busy buying props for the shoot, greeting clients and actors, helping create pieces for the art department and aiding with camera work, lighting and sound on set, all whilst sticking to extremely tight deadlines.

The most rewarding part of this job was working with the clients and seeing their business ethos be projected in a visual way. I also enjoyed looking after the children and getting them into hair and make-up ready for the shoot, they all felt like mini celebrities.

Of all my work experience in the media industry this was by far my favourite, as my tasks over the two days were so diverse, and I also thoroughly enjoyed the highly sociable nature of the job.

To view the full advert click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2uSzazsA1g


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