Filming at Inroads

Recently I have been filming promotional videos for Inroads, a Cardiff based drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre, here is how I got on. 


Recently, some of my university friends and I have been busy filming at Inroads, a Cardiff based drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre. As part of our Media, Culture and Journalism degree we have to create media content for real companies and organisations. Therefore, through VCS Cymru, a volunteering scheme, we were put in touch with Inroads and decided to make them some promotional videos.


Inroads is a small organisation run by a group of volunteers, so they were extremely grateful to learn that we could make them some videos to get their message across on social media. Social media is now invaluable to any organisation and audio visual content on such platforms can promote them in an entertaining and engaging way.


We spent a few days at the homely Inroads building in Cardiff, getting to know the volunteers, the building and the organisation so that we could produce appealing and accurate videos. We filmed some short clips of the building and its features; including the modern kitchen, decorative art room and the serene acupuncture room. We also interviewed as many of the volunteers as we could; including Steve and Mags who run the centre, Sarah a youth worker, and Victor an ex addict whose life have been transformed through Inroads. We wanted to get as much footage as we could to produce numerous interesting videos.


After getting to know Steve, who co-runs the centre, we discovered he had a large collection of historical drug paraphernalia, he stated he keeps this at the building as it is important for their clients to learn that drugs have always been a part of society and that getting help is not something to be ashamed about. He showed us items, including drug related books and posters and historical medicine tins that interestingly used to contain cocaine. We were so intrigued by his collection we decided to film him taking about the paraphernalia so we could create a couple more videos to put on their social media.


As well as filming at the Inroads building, we were prestigiously invited along to the Community Partnership scheme at John Lewis, where Inroads were being donated sewing machines for their weekly sewing class. Whilst there we filmed and interviewed Helen Jones, the community liaison officer at John Lewis, about why the store donates to Inroads in order to produce another video for John Lewis to use on their social media.


I am by no means the best camerawomen or the best video producer, but I thoroughly enjoyed my time filming with Inroads in order to create videos to help their organisation grow. It was also nice to be given the opportunity to create some practical media work as our course is extremely essay based. We now have all the footage and are starting to edit and produce our videos. I’ll be sure to share them with you on here as soon as they are complete.


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