Naturigin Cruelty Free Hair Dye Review

I first discovered Naturigin permanent hair dyes at the last Bloggers Hangout event I attended in February, where I was kindly gifted a kit to try out myself.

I was immediately drawn to this product as I am a vegetarian myself, and this hair dye is made from using 98.2% naturally derived ingredients, making it a vegan product. But that is not all, Naturigin is the only hair dye in the world to have an organic certification and its content is created by using sustainable energy and recycled packaging. Could this product get any better? Well it does. Naturigin also supports the #BeCrueltyFree campaign against animal testing within the cosmetics industry, which is a movement close to my heart. With all this in mind I loved the product already and couldn’t wait to try it out for myself.


After browsing their 19 permanent shades I chose the 3.0 Dark Coffee Brown to try out on my own hair. My hair was ombre, as you can see from the images below, before I used this dye so I was a little apprehensive to whether the gentle paraben and ammonia free ingredients would give my hair an even finished look, so here’s how it went.

The kit was very easy to use, I simply added the colour crème tube to the activator bottle and shook well until the mixture was evenly blended. Then I added the mixture evenly to my roots, applying it to three sections either side of my head and to the back of my head. Then, because I was doing an ombre cover up I simply added the mixture to the lighter tips of my hair and left to work its magic for 20 minutes.


After that time was up I added the remainder of the mixture to my whole head and left to develop for a further 10 minutes. One thing I noticed once I had applied the mixture is that it didn’t have a harsh chemically smell, instead it was beautifully fragrant due to the abundance of natural oils it contains including; sunflower, jojoba, apricot, lemon, orange peel and grapeseed.


After the development time was up I simply hopped into the shower, rinsed the hair dye off until the water ran clear, and applied the beautiful lathery colour lock treatment for 2 minutes. Then I blow dried and styled my hair.

I can honestly say that I am speechless about the result! The dark brown colour is rich, deep and beautiful and my hair has never been so shiny and felt so healthy, even after washing my hair a few times since. The colour also perfectly covers my previous ombre look, resulting in a shiny and rich full coverage.

Naturigin hair dye has defiantly exceeded my expectations and the result was everything I had hoped for and more! I know I will without a doubt be popping down to Lloyds pharmacy where they are stocked to pick myself up another kit!


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