A Day in the Life of a Television Extra

Two years ago today a friend and I were cast as extras for an advertisement produced by Wordley Productions, here’s how we got on.


During my first year at university I sought out some work as an extra in an advert for the footwear company ‘Cosy Feet’. The advert was being produced by the Penarth based business Wordley Productions and was being filmed in Cardiff.

Before arriving, my friend and I were told to dress for a wedding, as this was the theme of the advertisement, so we tried our best to root through our student wardrobes for outfits that were suitable. We then hopped on the bus, dressed as wedding guests I must add, and headed to the venue.

Upon arrival we were debriefed on our role in the advert, and was afforded some free time to socialise and get to know the other extras. We were then led into the filming studio where we were sat on beautifully decked out round tables, as if we were at a real wedding, and were filmed conversing as the happy couple danced in the foreground.

As a media student who wants a career in this industry, this day gave me a good insight into how media productions are made. I learnt about lighting and camera techniques, costuming, and about timing, for example.

Work experience is essential in the media and I believe this day’s work was a good starting point in gaining experience in this industry, and it has certainly opened up new opportunities for me with Wordley Productions and other organisations as can be seen on my C.V.

Check out the finished ad here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ntdc89xeHMg


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