Welsh flags at the ready for Bridgend says End Bullying

You will go to the game!  Welsh FA give away 25 Wales versus Iceland tickets to small anti-bullying charity.


Shocking: Wise words from Bridgend Says End Bullying!

The lottery funded project, Bridgend says End Bullying, has gratefully received twenty-five complimentary tickets to take some of the young adults they work with to see the much anticipated Wales versus Iceland friendly on the 5th of March. For many of these excited youngsters this will be their first ever live football game. This is also a perfect ending to the service’s recent project of helping these disadvantaged youngsters learn about Welsh Culture. Dean John, the administration and research offices for BsEB, says, “With St. David’s day upon us, we are planning to have a Welsh culture theme…The climax of the event is then to watch the Iceland game”.


Goal: The youngsters thoroughly enjoyed the game!

Bridgend say’s End Bullying is a small organisation set up by the Bridgend youth service whose aims are to “fundamentally reduce bullying and oppression of young people in Bridgend”. Because they are little known they rely heavily on the generosity of organisations such as the Football Association of Wales to charitably donate tickets to help empower these underprivileged young adults.

Through such generosity the organisation has been lucky enough to take many of the youngsters they work with on nine exhilarating day trips in the last half of 2013. They have included other football and rugby events, camping trips, kayaking and even a trip to the winter wonderland in Swansea.

The project workers of this organisation work hard to boost bullied youngsters’ self-esteems and confidence through exciting activities, workshops and conferences, and are increasingly raising awareness of the issues surrounding bullying in the borough of Bridgend and beyond.


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